• CCB Online Banking
    CCB Online Banking

    We are excited to offer our customers an enhanced online banking experience.

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    Start baking again!

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New and improved online banking!

Citizens Community Bank is very proud to offer our customers a new and enhanced online banking product with all the same great features of our current product but with a new look and next generation features and security.


Simple steps to follow to convert to the new Online Banking

• Your current user id will stay the same; however, to log in you must type in your username in all lowercase letters.  For instance, if your username is JohnDoe22, it will be converted to johndoe22.

• Your initial password will be bank plus the last four digits of the “login owner’s” social security number or tax id.  For example, a husband and wife may share a single username and password but the wife originally enrolled the account in internet banking and her SS# 123-45-6789.  Her initial password will be bank6789. The password will need to be changed immediately and will require at least eight characters including one numeric.  This is not changed from current requirements.

• Next the system will prompt you to answer new security questions.  Please keep track of your answers to these questions and note they are NOT case sensitive. Answers must be a minimum of 3 character and answers cannot be used more than once.

• Please read the updated Citizens Community Bank Online terms and conditions. You will be required to agree with the updated terms and conditions before using the new online banking products.