The new CCB Mobile Money App gives you the flexibility to manage, monitor and disable your card quickly and securely.

At CCB we know our customers are concerned about security and want the ability to administer their own debit cards. My Mobile Money puts you in control of your debit card. You can turn it off with the touch of a button or if the credit card company thinks a transaction is fraud they can contact you within minutes to resolve the issue. Cardholders will value the ability to monitor and manage their card accounts and to receive and respond to alerts instantly through their mobile device … anywhere, anytime.

To download the My Mobile Money App simply search for "My Mobile Money Access" on Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store


• Balance inquiry – Quickly check how much money you have in your account to avoid overdrafts.
• Balance transfer – Easily transfer funds between accounts associated with your debit card.

• Remote deposit – Deposit checks to your account right from your phone!

• Ability to turn your card on and off – Misplace your card? Simply turn it off until you find it!

• Ability to alert and deny transactions based on merchant type, location and transaction amount – Protect your account from transactions you wouldn’t normally make.

• Control other cards associated with the account – If you have multiple cards, you can set controls for all associated cards.

• Fraud alerts – Receive alerts if a transaction is conducted using your account that is suspected of being fraudulent.